Hyundai Unveils RM20e Racing Midship Electrified Sports Car

Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled the next-generation RM20e Racing Midship electrified sports car at the 2020 Beijing International Auto Show.

The state-of-the-art RM20e electrified powertrain delivers zero emissions combined with breathtaking acceleration. As Hyundai boasts an industry-leading variety of electrified powertrain solutions, including HEV, PHEV, BEV and FCEV stock powertrains, a full range of electrified powertrains are available for testing on this high-performance sports car platform.

The racing car has an output of 596 kW (810 hp) and 960 N⋅m of torque from its electric propulsion system. The electric motor is expected to provide excellent acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 9.88 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. The battery is relatively small at 60kWh (not surprising given the need for a lightweight design), but a quick 800V charge helps it get back on track relatively quickly.

The RM20e combines race car performance, balance, braking and traction while remaining quiet and responsive.

The car uses a rear-wheel drive transmission configuration that Hyundai says delivers the perfect balance of handling and agility through low polar moment of inertia.

The RM20e platform is part of the progressive evolution of the RM series, which has so far included the RM14, RM15, RM16 and RM19. In 2019, the first electric racing car was developed for the eTCR electric car series: the Veloster N eTCR presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. RM models are progressively undergoing extensive testing to validate cutting-edge technologies, see how they effectively increase performance, and improve them for use in future N models.

Hyundai’s recent investment and strategic partnership with Rimac Automobili has facilitated the joint development of electric and hydrogen vehicle prototypes. The electrified RM platform will continue to evolve along with the expansion of the partnership with RIMAC. In addition, Hyundai Motor Group has developed a strategic plan to launch 44 environmentally friendly models by 2025, which will bring the Hyundai N brand to the forefront of environmental responsibility.

Hyundai and LG unveil interior concept for future IONIQ electric vehicles

Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled the interior concept of future IONIQ models, reflecting the company’s vision of a customer experience for electric car owners. The concept aims to redefine the perception of cars by shifting the focus of Hyundai’s product positioning from vehicles to personal mobility solutions that cater to customers with a variety of lifestyles.

Hyundai plans to use the interior space and power of IONIQ electric vehicles to integrate with home appliances that can be customized based on customer needs and lifestyles.

The IONIQ interior concept was created in partnership with LG Electronics, a shared vision that allows you to evaluate the possibilities of developments in the interior of electric cars of the future. For example, such mundane things as caring for clothes or shoes can be done literally on the go. A 77-inch flexible OLED screen built into the ceiling is also planned for customer service, allowing two people to enjoy different content at the same time. The sound will be delivered through the speakers in the headrests, creating a personalized sound zone. Cleanliness and disinfection of the floor in the salon will be ensured by a robot vacuum cleaner and ultraviolet LED lamps.

Hyundai plans to offer a new experience to its customers early next year with the launch of the IONIQ 5 electric vehicle.

“The IONIQ Cabin Concept is a unique and unprecedented approach to improving the user experience that is relevant to the different needs and lifestyles of our customers,” said Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor Company. “Our electric vehicles of the future will revolutionize the customer experience that Hyundai offers to its customers, while empowering them to do more in and out of the car.”

Hyundai plans to lead the era of electrified mobility with its newly announced dedicated electric vehicle brand IONIQ. Future IONIQ vehicles will be built on Hyundai’s global E-GMP electric modular platform, enabling the company to provide an unparalleled experience for its customers, both in and out of the vehicle.